Phone Tracker v2.5 – RealTime GPS Live Tracking of Phones, Find Lost/Stolen Phones WorldWide with MyMap 2

    Track/Locate Your Friends/Vehicles/Buses/Employees/Close-Ones/family-members/lost Phones Realtime Live with map indicators in the app. You can also use this for Lost/stolen phones tracking.. You can track your children/ family-members/ close-persons/Employees/Vehicles /Buses /Friends Realtime live locations all the time if they ‘ON’ the “track this device” option in the app of their Phones…You just need their registered emails and pin numbers of the app for Realtime live tracking them…Users can locate each others Realtime live locations all the time. It is very secure and effective. …if any user “OFF” his/her “track this device” option in the app of his/her Phone, Nobody can track that user with Registered email and pin number of that user…

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    This file has UNTOUCHED status – (original developer code without any tampering done)